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Press release

Black White Block

and William Tell

Rome Foro Traiano 1 Gallery
Opening December 15th 2011 10 p.m.
Free entry

In the name of the revolutionary William Tell: an ode to the proletarian shopping

The protest of the indignados has not been listened by the international institutions. But what can one do, when politics is not able to make a change and to be in tune with the power of the movements occupying squares all over the world? Fondazione Alda Fendi Esperimenti replies with culture, and with an installation which is an ode to struggle. Side by side with indignados, with people protesting in the USA as in Egypt. An ode to the right anger of the 99 per cent of the population, which has to pay the debts made by the 1 per cent, the powerful people. An installation which uses the strongest and most revolutionary creations of human beings: music and art.

Black White Block begins with the anarchist words and notes of Addio Lugano Bella (Goodbye Beautiful Lugano): the sign of a rebellion which cannot be appeased, nor homologate. The core of the work, in fact, is the ouverture from William Tell by Gioacchino Rossini, in an extremely rare performance directed by Arturo Toscanini, recorded in 1940 and found in Discoteca di Stato. The legendary revolution hero is the father of the young people that today say no to a present without a future: William Tell, like them, before them, stood against power, and its haughtiness. As a symbolic event in the all craving struggle, Raffaele Curi chose the image of proletarian shopping. This is seen through amazing works of art history – Foodscape by Erro, Woman with a Shopping Cart by Duane Hanson, The King Drinks by Jacob Jordaens – and through products of large-scale distribution, available to be stolen: young people, the future is yours, just take it. The ouverture from William Tell is also one of the opera themes that is listened by the main character of A Clockwork Orange: Rossini as a leit motiv of rebellion and of rage. Of yesterday and of today.

Alda Fendi: «Revolution is within us, and revolutionists are struggling for us, forcing us to reflect»

Raffaele Curi: «Among the flowerbedsof Zuccotti Park in Manhattan, like in Madrid, London, Rome, Athens, “an old order is dying, but the new one is nowhere to be seen” (Antonio Gramsci). Let’s try to think about the future without forgetting the reasons of the past. Let’s not insult the legend of William Tell»

Album and stickers The catalogue is an album of stickers with the images of the installation, of the gallery and of the principa elements involved, including the audience, who will have some empty spaces to insert their own faces. Their own revolutions.

Black White Block will be in Foro Traiano 1 until December 21st, from 7 p.m. to 9 p.m., 39 06 6793139/39 06 6792597 Press office Angela Azzaro (39 335 8423968) Matteo Capanna (39 335 6473379)

Rome Foro Traiano 1 Gallery

Opening December 15th 2011 10 p.m.

Free entry

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